Sankalp Food

Sankalp, the flagship restaurant of The Sankalp Group, was established in 1980.
The inherent desire to give customers authentic South Indian cuisine led to the establishment of Sankalp.
Each Sankalp Restaurant replicates the taste, quality, services and ambience that have made Sankalp a household name.
Increasing addition of innovative menus to its repertoire and regular food festivals has made the Sankalp experience an unforgettable one.

Sankalp Packaged Foods

Sankalp Packaged Foods (SPF) has been specifically designed to tap the growing market for Ready to Cook meals that can be prepared instantly. The remarkable thing about this division is that it has grown exponentially over a short period of time. Not only does it adhere to Sankalp’s strict standards but also comes in a mind boggling range of more than 200 products. Catering to HORECA and Retail market both in India and internationally, SPF is an important contributor to the food industry and our products can be found in leading kitchens of India.

Vision, Value and Mission